Bug in updating item resubmissions

There is a bug in updating item resubmissions. Reviewers do not get my changes and they reply with same message again and again no matter what changes I make and send updates. Reviewers ask me to change category and I cannot see that option on res-submission form.

And, yes I was right. When I go to resubmission form now to send one more time. Nothing new I can see which I already updated. So, there is a BIG bug. The item did not update when I already did and that is why I got reviewer’s message again.

And, wow!!! Every file I added yesterday is available to me on resubmission form again. So, its confirm that even files did not get updated.

Resubmitted again and same problem. Now, when I go to create a new submission. I can see same 4 files (thumbnail, preview… etc.) again, and I am 200% sure that resubmission did not get updated this time also.

Cannot believe a big company like Envato is having these problems.
Please, anyone from support can help me?

Seems like, I had no choice. So, I deleted the item which was in approval/improvement process. :frowning:

I have added the item as new item in approval queue again and have to wait for 3-4 days again. Cannot believe this happened to me on Envato. While it used to work like a charm earlier years ago on ActiveDen. What if they send me an improvement again? I am frightened of the thought itself.