Uploading first item

Dear Envato community,

I have uploaded my first item on CodeCanyon, and it took 5 days to review my item, but unfortunately, it was rejected for some outlines. I corrected the outlines given by Qualify Team, and uploaded my item again. How much it will take to review the item again ? Will it take the same period as I uploaded it in the first time ? Or, it will be reviewed within less time ?

I opened a ticket but no answers till now.
Thanks alot.

No, most of the time re-submissions take less time than new submissions.
Good luck!

nearly 2 days. but most of the time within 1 day. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. But I deleted the first item and uploaded it again. Will the second uploaded item be considered as a new item or resubmission of first item ?

You’ll have to wait as it’s a new submission. Re-submission is when you get soft-rejection and resubmit your files for review via the Edit tab after fixing the issues the reviewer pointed out.

Thanks for reply Osama.
The outlines provided by the Qualify Team is to edit the category of uploaded item. I were not able to change it in the edit section of the item, so I am forced to delete it and upload it again. So waiting as a new submission is not fair.

Is there another way o reach any of Envato team members to tell him/her the story ?

A ticket with the Help Team is the way to go. You’ve already opened a ticket, so tweeting your ticket ID to @envato_help may speed up their response.

Thank you in advance