i am tired of waiting my items confirming

I am uploading my php script on February 6, 2022, but now I don’t
see anything about my project, I have lost interest in Envato, I still have 3 crm projects, I think this is not the right place to sell, I am very disappointed from Envato

Hello @KhusanBahronov

There are three possible outcomes when you submit an item:

  1. Accepted - the item appears in your portfolio
  2. Soft Rejected - the item appears in the “Hidden Items” together with some instructions from the reviewer. You need to fix the issues mentioned by the reviewer and resubmit the item.
  3. Hard Rejected - the item disappears from the dashboard and doesn’t appear in your portfolio or in the “Hidden Items” tab. This means that you will not be able to resubmit it.

If it completely vanished from the places mentioned above, it means your item was hard rejected.

To get notified about the submission results you need to enable the Email Notifications. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and enable the “Item Review Notification” box. You’ll get e-mails for your future submissions.

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Thanks for the reply, but
the status “Product Review Notification" is active from the beginning, but I don’t see the message on the gmail address

Did you check the spam folder as well?

Yes, I checked, I checked every 3 hours, I have an active status message from Envato. I sent myself a message from Envato from my own panel in Envato

Yes but that is not the same. Do you have this ticked:

It’s in Settings → Email Settings → the fifth box.

Did your item disappear from the dashboard as well?


Please tell me what is the problem with it ? why i cant see message from Envato

I had this setup initially

How can solve it ?
what is the problem ?

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to check it for you.