Envato! Oh dear Envato! If you are done living a lavish life.

Yes, I am frustrated. And, I have nothing else do actually.

I have been trying to get an item approved since 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks and I am starving) and its not getting through even when it deserves it to be sold. I uploaded it to ThemeForest.net but it did not get approved and the reviewer said only one thing: “Quality Issue”.

But, due to item’s nature (that its a Portfolio Gallery), I thought to get it approved on CodeCanyon.net. Positively, I got a response that my item is good but needs some improvement. This is the message I got.

Please remove all sound/music from this item.

This item is better presented/submitted as a portfolio / gallery rather than an HTML Template. Please make the appropriate changes (description, category, code, etc) and resubmit this item as a portfolio gallery.

So, I made the change and renamed it from Template to Gallery everywhere. And, told reviewer that I cannot change category due to no setting on re-submission form and he is free to move it to any category he wants. Uploaded it once again, but the item did not update even when I put all the changes before clicking “Submit” on the re-submission form.
So, this was the reply.

Thank you for your submission.

  1. LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit.
  1. Please move this to the correct category.
  1. Please rewrite this submission as a plugin rather than a template.

Live demo was not accessible because I changed the name from template to gallery? But I double checked by going into re-submission form again and yes changes did not update. And, there was not even a single setting to move the item to a new category on re-submission form.

Anyways, I created a new forum topic… Bug in updating item resubmissions
And, so I had to delete the original item due to this “not updating bug”. And, uploaded it again as a new item even when I knew that it will take more time now as it will get into new queue again. I also added all information for the reviewer and gave him the link to forum topic explaining the bug that item is not updating. May be they think that I know how to upload an item but do not know how to make updates. Already sent an email to Envato support too but no reply yet while they used to reply within 1 day.

And, now I got this reply from the reviewer again.

  1. Please move this to the JS category.
  1. Please rewrite this submission as a plugin rather than a template.

Wait did I already rename it from template to gallery? (Its a totally new submission) Why did he call it a template now?
And, the reviewer did not tell even a single thing about bug in item updates. How do I update now?
First they told me to rename it from template to gallery and now they want me to rename it from gallery to plugin while I know that its a gallery. I created and sold around 35 animated galleries on FlashDen myself. We were the pillars of Envato at a time. And, now they forgot us.

Anyways, I need money and I cannot live a lavish life and so I accept their decision that its not a gallery anymore and its now a plugin and so I desperately want to update this from gallery to plugin and move it to JS category even when its an HTML5 gallery with small JS. But, I cannot move it to any new category because:

  1. I cannot update items due to the bug already stated.
  2. Cannot find even a single setting on re-submission form that says: “Category”, so that I could change it.
  3. Reviewers do not read my comments so that they can move the item to a different category themselves.

There was a time when even Collis, Vahid Ta’eed, Adrien Gardiner and others used to participate on forums with us.

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