Soft reject - Hidden item Resubmissions questions


I have two questions about the resubmission on ThemeForest after a soft rject.

1) Can I delete my resubmission from my dashboard on right (button Delete ?) and do another one without problems?
I mean, If I delete the resubmission, the hidden item is not removed right? The item stay hidden and I can do another resubmission immediately? Screen:

2) Can I update the just uploaded items on Edit area of my hidden item?
I mean, after resubmission I can still remove and uplaod again the files I just upload, if I replace the uploads, the reviewer will get the last uploaded items or the items I uploaded on resubmission? Screen:

I don’t know if someone can answer me, but I try :slight_smile:
Thank you

  1. Yes deleting resubmission from the review queue will not remove the item hidden.
  2. Yes.

OK this is good. Thank you for the help:)


Next time avoid to give confirmations to things that you don’t know.
The reviewer NOT see the updated package if I replace it from Edit Area.

Due to your “confirmations” I lost other 2-3 days with another soft of this infinite loop.

I gave information based on my experience and not on assumptions.

I replied based on the screenshot you sent and this is where we update the files. So I confirmed the 2nd point.

I think you have clicked “Save Changes” and left.

Unless you press “Submit for Review” the files won’t reach the reviewer.

Sorry for the confusion

Ok I think is a misunderstanding from my side, I not pressed the submit for reviewer due it was already on queue. Sorry to you.

Thank God! it is not a New Submission :sweat_smile: