BIG PROBLEM. I deleted my template

Hey Guys! I am kind of new here and I forgot that I can update the item once it has been approved.
My item was approved a few days back but I realised there was a problem with the preview library,
So I deleted the item (I even said in the deleting item that I will reupload soon.) I have fixed the files and reuploaded again.
I just hope it gets approved and I dont land in any trouble cause of it.

Has this happened to you? Please share your experience or insight on this.
Will update this page

Hi there. Instead of resubmitting a new version of a previously accepted item, please always request a temporary soft-disablement.

Deleting an item and resubmitting a new version to the queue is a violation of authoring terms and viewed as an attempt to game the system.

The project has been undeleted, and can now be edited by uploading new files to it. Please delete the duplicate version from the queue as soon as possible.

Hello. Thank you for the reply. I had a couple of problems with it. It had some errors in the preview library and was uploaded in the wrong category too. I am not trying to game Anything.
Its a very good product and I have worked very hard on it. If you work with Envato can you not approve the new item? The original was uploaded a day back and had no sales so I am not trying to trick the buyers or anything like that.

Oh ok. Found it. It was in the hidden items. I thought it wasn’t reinstated. Thank you. Will keep you updated on it

But I am not able to understand how to change the item category from titles - cartoons to corpotate. You will see in the drop down its a simple mistake. I accidentally selected cartoons which is on top of corporate.

Ok I think I have figured things out. I have asked the reviewer to change the category and uploded the fixed files in the resubmission section. As per your instructions I am removing the new upload and I am hoping things workout for me.
Thank you for your reply and I will keep this in mind.

The item has been reviewed, and will require you to resubmit the preview image. After you provide a new preview image, we should be able to accept the item for sale again.

Hi. I wrote to the support service, but there is no answer yet. I have a big request, is it possible to recover the elements I deleted? I thought I could restore them if necessary, but this turns out to be a violation of the rules. Can I restore them? Thank

Deleting an accepted item and then resubmitting it as a new item is a violation of the rules. Requesting reactivation of a deleted item is perfectly fine, but you’ll have to go through the proper channels and wait for your ticket to be opened.

It appears that you deleted A LOT of files. We might not be able to reactivate them all, but if you don’t hear from support within the next few days, please let me know, and I’ll attempt to locate your ticket.

Thank you very much!

Hello. Customer support is not responding. Can you help with the restoration of items? Thank you very much!

When did you submit your ticket? We just came out of the weekend, so it might take a few more days for Support to respond.

April 9th. Good, thanks.