Require HTML Theme Tutor for Theme-forest. Payment by flexible means as acceptable per Envanto policies.

My previous theme was hard rejected and I am designing a new theme. I require a tutor “with pay” that supports me in uploading first theme in theme forest.

You would be better sharing what you are working on/got rejected and getting (free) communal feedback - I am sure someone would ‘help’ you with the process esp. for payment but it is a very dangerous road to take as noone can guarantee you will be approved and and it can be quite lengthy and therefore costly process

Thank you Charlie. I aspire to be a long term theme developer on Themeforest. Hence, I would like to keep options open on payment front also. I would need a detailed support on Theme support. I did check the FREE feedbacks some people received, unfortunately they were not detailed enough. Thanks again.

Good luck with it - with all due respect if anyone needs to be taught best practice design and build etc. then it might be wise to refine skills off here first.

It does not just finish with approval you need to consider your long term position with updates, support etc. You can’t expect/afford for someone to hold your hand throughout.

Remember this is a marketplace for professionals and not really intended to be easy/quick earning/amateurs.

Good luck