TF Theme Development (long term deal)

Hello developers,
I’m looking for an Theme Forest developer who will work with me to make several themes, this will be an on going basis. Im looking for a long term partnership this way when I have more work I can pass it your way.

The developer should be experienced in designing ThemeForest items and also should be ready to work in upwork/odesk/ We will hire you through those working platforms and create full escrow payment. You will create a Theme and submit the design to our TF profile using TF API key we provide. Once the Theme is approved by TF and live in our profile, we will release the full escrow payment.

If is something that you would be interested in post in the comments below and I’ll take a look at your portfolio and get in touch with you, to talk further.


What is your task will be? if the developer will do everything??

What you actually want, a designer or developer? We can work on your requirements. Add me in skype: hashirraja94

Why would someone capable of designing/developing Themeforest level themes, simply hand these over to someone else rather then upload them in their own account?


we have both capability world class design and wordpress, joomla, magento, drupal theme development,…

Please add me at skype : xi.ratan

Thank you

I would urge anyone looking at this thread to immediately not put themselves forward on this statement alone.

Though the OP’s idea has many flaws anyway, a statement like the above is an immediate indication of likely abuse (lack of pay), a developer, creator etc. should always be paid on the merit of the work done, not it’s approval by a 3rd party system. Add to that, OP indicates that the full amount will be withheld until Envato approval, standard practice when dealing with a new client is a 10% - 50% deposit upfront.

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Im sorry you feel that way I totally understand your reservations you’ve put forward.

That’s extremely gracious of you, please do not see my post as an attack, merely a guarded warning for others based on some of the stories that have happened through these forums over the years.

I would be skeptical myself if I was in the other person’s shoes too. How would you suggest going about this then?

I’m have coding ability but not good enough to get a theme passed which I why I wanted to work with someone who does. I know some people have said that why would a developer go to all these effort when they could just submit the theme themselves. Well my counter argument is that some people need to earn money and hoping that your theme takes off dosen’t pay the bills. Your theme sales will go one of to ways it takes off or you get a few sales when you release the theme and then it dies a slow dead and dosen’t really sell.

I’m a business man/digital markert by trade. So if someone was wanting to look for a longterm partnership to create themes with this is the opportunity for you.

i am interested in this project…plz add me in ur skype id…


My portfolio

If interested, pls mail me from my profile. thanks

sure I would lie to be your partner for a wordpress theme.

SKYPE: themedune