I need a Front End Designer

I want a Front End Designer who can develop a cool theme for my startup. I will provide all the requirements and details after contact!

Note: You should have at least 2+ themes on TF!

  • If you have experience in developing theme like (roomiapp.com) you will be prefered!

Contact me via

Email: iftipro@gmail.com
Skype: iftikhar996


You need a “Front End Designer” OR you need someone “who can develop a cool theme for my startup”.

Both are not the same and rarely covered by the same person. :slight_smile:

Posting your budget and more info than just “theme like xxxxxx.com” would definitely bring more leads and contacts from serious developers and designers and not just the usual “I-can-do-everything-kind-sir-contact-me-for-details-dear-sir” Joe’s and Jane’s.


Ok thanks, i will inbox budget if someone is interested!


Purely for your information - a decent working and relatively good looking app with the functionality that matches your example would cost several thousand $ minimum from any developer worth working with. (Let alone the backend setup and configuration you would need to run it).

You know that app raised several million $ to get where it is now right?!

I would be highly suspicious of the eventual quality from anyone who says they can do it for much cheaper.

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