Urgent - Looking for WordPress Theme Author for Partnership - I can Invest and Market

Hey guys, we are urgently looking for an experienced approved author on TF for a partnership. We’ve secured funding to get things going, so for the right person, this opportunity will be great as there’s no risk of losing money/time/investment.

Need someone:

  • with already approved WordPress themes over the last 2-3 months on TF
  • can quickly produce the projct in less than a month - ideally who has a project ready
  • good portfolio
  • can take care of technical aspect as well as design (both)
  • experienced in Redux framework, with VC integration, child theme support, demo data etc.
  • knows latest Envato submission guidelines, design standards - basically the know-how in producing approved TF themes

We are willing to fund the project initially and once it’s launched, market it. Profit terms can be negotiated.Contact me for more details!

Over 90% of themes don’t make it in TF and fade away without making a few sales; if you’ve got some project laying around, or need some quick guaranteed cash or if you’re currently making a good theme, and KNOW that it’ll get into TF (based on your previous themes and experience on publishing themes on TF) hit me up - I’ll check out your portfolio.

Contact me via message, and we’ll talk more details.

P.S. No newbies, time-wasters; only experienced, approved TF authors who can do this quickly. Only serious, honest people who knows what they’re doing, as we also know what we’re going to buy and we are very familiar with frameworks, TF submission guidelines, best practices, newest design standards, typography, white space management, overall aesthetics, cheap clones and knockoffs!

Thanks folks! TIA!

Show your portfolio.

??? Are you interested or?

Not likely that. I read your thread and your requirements is too long. So you should also have good portfolio, then they will interest with you. Trust and Honesty depends on equal interest. I think you understand my words. Thank You.

I am interested.

What are you bringing to the partnership?

@CodePassenger - Since I’ll be making the investment, guess I’m the one should be more interested in a good portfolio. Thank you!

@charlie4282 - 1) Initial investment: because no one likes working for free and authors are usually teams of several people. 2) Marketing: most people can build themes, but only a few makes it to the top thanks to clever marketing. I.e. the story of Avada.

Thanks for the PMs. Keep them coming folks! :wink:

The investment (assuming it is suitably sufficient) might appeal to some people and I genuinely wish you all the best but if it were me:

  • any author who is too preoccupied with income is not someone you want to work with given that proper succes here e.g. As you referenced Avada take a lot longer and bigger commitment irrelevant of the marketing.

  • maybe you have some secret idea to market files that hasn’t been thought of yet but Avada’s story, while unquestionably helped with good marketing has a lot more to it than just that e.g the market was nowhere near a saturated with big multi purpose themes as it is now etc.

  • if your marketing is that good why not just become an affiliate and save the need for an investment?

  • you are going to need to prove some serious value from the marketing, or take only an attribution % to warrant any serious profit sharing if the author is going to have to be responsible for everything else, especially if you want to really attract high end authors.

Again, good luck with it!

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Agree with you Charilie :slight_smile:

@charlie4282 - Thanks man, many good insights.

Check out my portfolio,

I have all what you have mentioned above. I have a team of expert designers and developers. My email address is sugotech@gmail.com Let me know what else you are need to discuss with me.

Thanks a lot