Looking for a Designer PSD and html with approval only.

I have a lots of WordPress theme. I am looking for a PSD and html designer on paid bases no partnership.

However the payment is only made for an approval of a PSD on themeforest.net. No exceptions.

If you are interested. Contact me via email: adnan3500@gmail.com

Skype: adnanitech

That’s slightly unfair. If you get a soft reject, then that should be up to the designer to fix whatever issue is causing that soft reject… but if it gets rejected for not being at the quality standard, then that’s more on you. Yes, if it’s approved in the WordPress category, then you’d like to think it would be approved in PSD and HTML… but the required quality standards vary slightly from one category to the next.

Just my dos centimos. Maybe a reduced fixed rate with a bonus for approval would be an appropriate compromise.

No you did not understand this is not unfair this the rule for hiring a themeforest designer.

Hope you understand now.

If there is a soft rejection in PSD and or html version then the designer will fix all the issues mentioned in the soft reject to get it approved but if the design i.e. PSD is hard rejected then the designer will have to get a new design so that the designer could be paid.

This post is only for the PSD and HTML designer only.

If the approval is not a guarantee then there is no use of hiring a themeforest author. There are many designers and front end developer around the glob.

So basically we are hiring the designer related to market.

Approval is never guaranteed, so although I wouldn’t say there is no use in hiring a Themeforest author… there is an inherent risk that the item might not get approved. You’re more than welcome to apply whatever rules you want, but a rule that has the potential for the designer to not get paid, through no fault of their own… isn’t going to be all that appealing; and will limit interest in the work.

However this is my requirement. This true “isn’t going to be all that appealing; and will limit interest in the work.” but this also true now a days getting designer job is very difficult.

So let everyone apply who can meet my condition.

Since if there is no approval then that designs is useless for me that is why I am hiring themeforest author who is already experience.