Require WordPress Developer

Hi friends,

I need WordPress developer for my already approved HTML templates.


Paid job or partnership?

Hi, Ki,
Can you give your quotation if I am considering BOTH job and partnership ?

I bought a domain name, which I intend to become the affiliate of open or distance learn courses or subjects, from different Universities or providers or other sources,

which do you think would be a better theme to use ,

WPLMS Education theme ($64) or
Open University LMS theme ?

how much would be the cost, if another language is added to this theme, e.g. Chinese ?

Peter L LAU

@ki-themes: Its paid or project base.

In your case, I’m pretty sure “partnership” won’t be an option but for a custom job, you can contact me via the contact form below:

If you’re seriously interested in paid project, you can contact me via the link below:

Sorry but I’m not interested in partnership


I can help you with conversion of your HTML template(s) to WordPress. I am not interested in partnership but if you want a paid you can get in touch with me.

You can contact me from my TF profile - or through my studio profile

Thank you

Please check your PM