Looking for expert who can help me to get approved in themeforest

Here is the link, this is HTML website

As free or paid support/job? This is beyond of helping.

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With respect this won’t work -

  • no one can ensure/guarantee approval.

  • this design is way off the standards needed for approval so it wouldn’t be helping you get approved, it would mean someone almost creating a new item for you.

  • if you are struggling with something this basic then how are you going to be able to update, bug fix, support an item going forward?

  • it’s a marketplace for professional design/devs. There has to be a pre-requisite level of knowledge and skill for people to be able to sell here.

paid after approval only

No expert would agree to get paid after approval in addition to what @charlie4282 said.

Then what can be perfect way?

You can look for graphic designer for partnership. He/she can design the template and you can code.

Are you interested to become my partner on the same? I have a good portfolio of several things and we can publish the same in marketplace

No, thank you. I can do both. Good luck with your search.