Need consultancy/help to get item approved

Dear All,

I have made an HTML file for the following category:

I have got rejected a couple of times, I am not sure what is wrong the theme I have developed.
I am looking for someone who can guide/consult (Paid) to help me get my theme approved on the plaftorm.

Interested people kindly contact me.

Don’t do it - no one can ‘guarantee you approval’, and anyone who says they can is not someone you want to work with.

Just share the demo link here for feedback

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You do not have to pay anything to anyone. Just share a link to your item here and I am sure you will get some constructive feedback from the community.

But without even seeing it, if it was hard rejected, then the reason is that design is not good enough.

By claiming that you are willing to pay for a consultation on this, you are just opening doors to various scammers. NOBODY can guarantee you approval on ThemeForest. All the information you need is freely available on the internet. The reason for 99% of hard rejection is poor typography, spacing and not being unique enough.

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BTW, if you really want to invest money into this, then just buy some online web design course.

Hope you share your demo link, than we can comment it