Request for Refund

Recently I purchased a wordpress theme ( heme name- Trucking - Transportation & Logistics WordPress), I found there is a minor issue on the plugins license validation. I have updated in the support forum and comment it out in the themeforest section, almost 3 days has gone but there is no reply from theme author, therefore I would like request for refund.

Let me know what is the next step i shall follow to get refund.

You need to check here for info on requesting refunds.

Just for clarity, when you mention “I found there is a minor issue on the plugins license validation” - if you are trying to validate plugins etc. then this is not possible with bundled plugins. The plugins will still work as intended but licensed features like auto-updates are not available.

If this is the issue then it is unlikely to warrant a refund.


I’ll be happy to clear this for you.

Theme Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses. This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages.

All bundled plugins update responsibility is the theme’s author. Just always download the theme latest version to get latest update plugins and update bundled plugin manually.

Automatic updates and support directly from the plugin author is only for those who will purchase the plugin directly from the plugin author.


Despite , i have sent few more issue related to the theme, but i am not getting any respond from theme author.

pleae contact the theme author in this way.
How to contact an author:


@pixel-industry are a highly regarded author on envato and their comment threads show that they tend to reply in a day or two.

It’s very possible that their support may not cover weekends and given time zones it may have only been around 1 working day so far this week.

It’s your prerogative (assuming the issues meet the criteria in the link shared above) but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t reply in less time that it would take to process a refund.

Alright, I will wait for another 1 or 2 days for the reply. Lets see and will update in the forum.

Hi guys,

@Mathan82 thank you for purchasing our theme. As Charlie mentioned, we are not answering to support during weekends. And currently due to holidays we may respond a bit slower than usual :slightly_smiling_face:

All your questions on the support forum are now answered.

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