Requesting a Refund

I purchased this theme and it implies visual composer is part of the theme yet I can’t get it to work. I can’t get responses and would very much like a refund since I am buying another theme on your marketplace so I can get this created. I am very disappointed.

When authors include Visual Composer in their theme, they’ve purchased an extended license from the author of Visual Composer so they can include it in their item. I’m no web wizard, but a common query here is when people are asked to enter a license code to activate it… which they don’t have. That’s because you yourself haven’t licensed Visual Composer, the author has so that his buyers can use it. The general advice I see is just to ignore that step and it should work without any problems.

I’m not sure exactly what the issue is that you’re having, but even if you buy another theme… it’s likely you’ll have the same issue with whichever theme you buy that includes Visual Composer. They’re all pretty much set up the same.

Might just be a case of waiting until tomorrow… most authors are individuals or small teams, so they may not work at the weekends. Although, in the meantime, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t anything in their support pages and/or documentation that covers issues with Visual Composer? But hopefully a more web-literate person will roll along shortly with better advice than me!

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As @SpaceStockFootage said bundled plugins are not licensed to the buyer

These plugins still function as required without the need to “activate” or register the plugin (that’s only for things like auto updates) and may have additional features or elements included.

Assuming this is the issue you are having then unfortunately this is unlikely to be grounds for a refund.

If the problem is something else when share that here.