Replying to customer ratings?

I received a 1-star review on one of my projects recently that says:

Main reason:
Code Quality
Extra comments from the buyer:
This is not working if you have more than X pictures…

This has no context and doesn’t make sense. I was never contacted by the buyer to answer whatever question they had. My project has over 300 sales and a 4.5 star rating so for someone to say its not working if you have more than X pictures is asinine. It’s a poor quality review that hurts my future sales.

Am I missing something? Can I not reply to reviews? Has this been something brought up in the past? I searched and wasn’t able to find anything.

Sad. :frowning: Best thing is to move on ignoring that review.

Ratings are still a beta project. We plan to give them much more love :smiley:


No, seriously, we should be able to reply to a review or request a dismissal. “Just deal with it” is ridiculous.

I got a 1 star rating from a buyer because the photos were not included in the download files for the theme, and as every author knows, we are not allowed to include photos in the download that are protected by copyright. - Sure, you could say it’s my responsibility to make this clear before the purchase is made, but that’s not the point. We need to be able to reply or take some kind of action to change the rating.

There are many reasons why we should be able to respond to ratings, the above example is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m giving my comments here 5 stars.

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Have you tried opening a support ticket with Envato ? That’s clearly not your/your item’s fault - as it’s Envato policy… i don’t see why they wouldn’t remove the review in this particular case.

Thanks! It’s on my list of things to do ; )

Same problem here, stars rating is a very bad system right now.
I hope Envato is working on it! We need a professional solution ASAP!

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I don’t necessarily think star ratings are a bad system. Many systems use the star rating (looking at amazon) and it works. The issue is not being able to defend yourself or even flagging a review like you can a comment.

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Please do, KingDog. Ratings are important to both buyers and authors. As a buyer of themes, I’d love to see a better rating/ review system. Where I can see the explination of the rating, as well as replies. Then I can draw my own conclusion. Other than looking at the details of the theme and the comments, one can only truly tell the quality of the theme after spending time working on it. And though many customers, I’m sure… don’t have customization or coding knowledge, some of us do. Even if it’s not at the level of our wonderful developers on Themeforest. I have had some situations where I’ve had to just write off the $59 and change to another theme, for different reasons. And I’m sure a better rating/ review system, would help me, as a buyer… and also authors.