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I left a reply on a theme and the authors replied.
Thing is, it seems I cannot reply back, and considering their reply, it may look like they can “cancel” me, yet I cannot say anything in return.
Makes one think - Why bother with rating? If any author can cancel what a rater says without being answered back (civilized discussion only, of course) then there is really no point.
Only leaving “You’re great” seems useless, and a constructive reply seems like an impossible mission.
Are there any plans on changing the way it works?

can you providing more details with link, message demo etc.
you question isn’t clear!

Hi @DemDigidiz

You should be able to reply back, an author cannot block a customer from replying.

Two things you can check:

  • please make sure you are logged in with the same user you replied in there for the first time

  • is the initial comment reported/flagged? You can recognize a flagged comment by being faded out (in this case, I think nor the author, nor the customer can reply until Envato staff clarifies the flagged status)


Hi @hevada

thanks for the reply I think that you understood what I wanted, but I still couldn’t find the right place to reply.
I am logged in with the same account.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Should the reply button be under the auther’s answer in the rating section?

Thanks a lot!

I see now: you left a rating and a comment in the rating section of an item, the author of that item replied to your review and now you would like to reply to that author back?

I am afraid this is not possible in Envato Market…The system only allows the customer to leave one rating and one comment in the rating section - and the author to leave only one comment to that customer comment.

So basically, bot the user cand the author can comment in the rating section only once…

I see, so indeed this is just a one vs one possibility.
I thought maybe I missed something in the forums or in the actual rating section.

Do you know if such a feature is planned?

Thanks a lot, again :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I have no idea :slight_smile:

You can ask/suggest it to the Envato Help & Support Team here:

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