[feature request] Ability to reply to buyer reviews

Hey guys, @collis , @andrewfreeman , @natman ,

This feature was probably requested over and over for years, or at least since we can recieve reviews. I still personally don’t feel things are moving onto a platform business model (or too slow), mostly because there are still many, many features missing. I could share an entire list but for the moment i’m frustrated i can’t reply to reviews, i have to stalk users on Google to send them personal emails.

To clear things up, 99% i respect buyers ratings/reviews even though they’re 1 star. It’s the buyer’s right to share his personal experience with the product he bought. That’s absolutely normal!

The problem is we cannot reply to the reviews. Maybe we’re going to ask for more explanations, maybe we’re going to ask them to open a support ticket, or “n” scenarios why we want to express our opinion too. In the end it’s in the buyer’s interest to find more details and to ask more details about the problem to fix it.

Every decent platform allows this. Also most platforms make the whole rating/reviews transparent which i’m in favor too (however it’s another discussion).

I know it’s not an easy feature to implement but Envato does have the resources, even though there are more important priorities.

Thank you and hopefully the management will include this matter into the next staff meeting.