Removed Items

Is there anything we can do about the items removed from our accounts? In the past I’ve gotten some refund credits for some items and not from others. Refund or not this is crazy. I have around 50 items purchased in the past 10+ years. Almost half of them have been removed. This doesn’t include items I was refunded for in the past.

Its Nuckin Fuuts and gripes me that this happens on such a large scale. I bought the license from Envato not the developer.

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Hello and welcome to Envato Forums!

There can be many reasons why some item isn’t available anymore. Authors sometimes decide to withdraw their item or to close their account and leave. As authors hold the copyright of their work and they only sell those items through Envato Market, they are free to remove items at any point. Some items get removed by Envato if they get copyright complaints about the item. You can read more in this article.
For items that are not downloaded within 3 months from the date of purchase you might get refund as explained here.

It’s a difficult situation - we’ve purchased into the thousands of items and similarly, a huge % of these of no longer available.

I am fairly ok with this though - especially for items that go back several years, and it does not come as a massive surprise.

If we’d gone for a bespoke WP theme (as an example) that was purpose made for us, then it would have cost infinitely more than the themes do on envato, and ongoing maintenance/support/updates would all have been subsequently billed. looking at it that way, items potentially being removed after some time is a risk/cost consideration which is often worth making.

Authors do not get ongoing remuneration so to expect them to maintain and update items for a long time is a fairly big ask.

I agree that items which don’t require a lot of maintenance, or ones recently released, which are removed is frustrating, but as per your screenshot and our own experience, it’s more commonly WP themes or other projects that require ongoing development.