Item removed I cant download and I cant get refund help ?

Hi Guys I purchased item in March I have moved my website top new server as old server provider was really bad and wont even let me download my backups.

Anyway I purchased item in March this year and today I went in to download so I can upload it to new server and set everything up there.

It says

Download not available

Item removed by either staff or the author

This item was expensive almost $100 I tried messaging the Author as he has other items for sale but I was ignored. I then tried submitting a refund and was told its outside 30 days or 180 days which request won’t let me submit.

What do I do? I think its unfair that the removed item I paid money for can’t be used and can’t be downloaded and cant request refund!!!

I understand people want refund becauszxe they changed their mind but if item is removed by no fault of buyer there should be different set of rules about it!

This is a military :military_helmet: base you ( customers ) are the soldiers that only take yes sir and no for questions :grin:
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Unfortunately it is in the T&Cs that refunds are not given when a buyer cannot access/download the item. (because envato do not own the items for sale so have no right to be able to guarantee availability, etc.)

If it was within the support period e.g. 6 months then that might be more flexible but outside that there it is difficult.

It may be that the item is temporarily removed but unfortunately only the author would be able to confirm that.

Good job!

I find this harsh if a refund was requested by me for simply not wanting the item then I would understand T&C but the item was removed no fault of my own and the Author is ignoring my messages. Also, Envato does not own the item but at the same time, they charge a handling fee not to mention the Author fee in some cases Envato earns way more than the Author who’s selling the item. (I am not saying this platform should be free but I think they should do more to safeguard buyers, especially the ones who spent in the region of $10k+ on this website)

Also, I found this 6-month support harsh I purchased another item not use the support once recently Author updated the script and I did the same while the site got messed up Author refused to help because he wanted me to renew support I never used in the first place.

It seems to me Envato cares more about sellers and themselves than the actual buyers who run this site. I have 6 pages full of items I purchased and I find it hard to believe Envato can’t put a hold on the seller’s funds till the download issue is resolved.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but past few months I have had nothing but stress from this site so I kinda had enough :smiley:

While (as a big buyer) I can understand the frustration - the model that envato has where they can offer both quantity and quality relies on them not owning copyright/ownership of items.

Not adopting this approach would be detrimental to buyers as much as authors and envato themselves.

As soon as they do that then the inherit risk around support and updates sets in and as a buyer we always accepted that the item we are getting is insanely good value and as such can sometimes comes with risks attached.