The item i recentely purchased is removed from envato

I recently Purchased an item and i thought it will be available in the download section permantely, But suddenly it went out of the shelf, How to get a copy? or how to cancel and get a refund.

How long ago did you buy it?

Is it definitely permanently removed or just might be temporarily disabled? (Might be worth asking the author)

If it’s removed then you won’t be able to download another copy

If it was a very recent purchase then envato may refund it but under t&Cs they can’t guarantee shelf life or access

Thanks for the reply,

It was purchased on 26 Dec 2022 & it had 6 Months of support included. Now i dont have anything

I’d start by contacting the author

And of no response then envato Envato Market Help and Support

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Thanks, i have contacted envato.