I am not exactly sure how this form stuff works. What do you do when Items you purchased are no longer available . This is truthfully not right . I have several items in my “download folder” no longer accessible . It is like this … You bought a car, and the repo people come and take it, even though it is paid for; Does anyone know, “if this site reimburses your missing items” ? I’m not sure, but def not right . Even if items are subject to change; “what does that mean anyways??“I can take it back even though you paid for it ?” . The person who, “lost what they paid for” should be compensated in some way . I have spent hundreds on here . I have started downloading everything I have purchased; now that I know ,I can loose what I bought; “at any given moment”.HOW is THIS not STEALING from your CONSUMERS . Truthfully making me not want to invest into this site an further . If someone knows what they do in this instance … I would love to know . The Point of this random rant is to say; “I don’t like paying for something” that subjects " ME” as “your Consumer” to "THEFT !!
I just recently upgraded my computer + I clean my computer regularly which means some files are lost in the process . So i guess that means I loose money .


It’s part of the terms and conditions we all agree to when signing up that items can be removed by authors or envato as and when they choose for several reasons and in most cases you are not entitled to a refund.

There are exceptions but something which support needs to judge.

Frustrating though it may appear this is not an exclusive challenge from envato - it is exactly the same in most digital download spaces where the author owns the copyright and file and not the marketplace itself, including iTunes, Google Play and more.


When you purchase an item on Envato, you purchase it in the state/version it has been released (uploaded) to Envato at the time of your purchase. And while every purchase includes the right to access all future updates through Envato, it does not include the right to expect that updates will actually happen, as authors are free to decide whether they want to further improve/update their items, or not. Only if they decide to do so, your purchase entitles you to get all updates for free.

Following the same logic, authors also have the right to discontinue/remove their items at any time, and for whatever reason (and so does Envato, for more limited reasons such as copyright issues, where Envato is legally required to remove an item, until the dispute has been resolved in favor of the seller).

And as @charlie4282 already mentioned, the public terms on Envato that you agreed to as a buyer make that perfectly clear. It does, however, require you to actually read the terms, instead of just marking the checkbox that you did so. Because the terms also clearly state that you need to download your purchased item immediately after purchase, for the exact reason that the item could be removed at any time. And if you failed to make appropriate backups of your downloads before “upgrading/cleaning” your personal computer, that really is not Envato’s fault.

And while I am an author/seller myself, I also have purchased well over 120 different items on Envato so far, and about a dozen of those have been removed by now. So while I feel your pain, nobody is “stealing” anything from you, as this is simply how every marketplace works, where the individual sellers hold the copyrights, and not the marketplace itself.

And try to see it like this: When you buy a software on a physical medium (CD/DVD/etc.), the seller does not allow you to come back to the store and simply pick up another copy of it, simply because you lost or damaged the first one; while should virtual purchases should be any different? The download option is available to you immediately after the purchase is confirmed, but using Envato as your personal hosting service for your purchases, until you might need the item (whenever that is), is simply not Envato’s responsibility. And expanding on the example of purchasing software on a physical medium … you don’t go to a store and buy something, and then ask them to keep it in storage for you indefinitely, until you decide you actually want to use it and pick it up. Once you purchase something, the responsibility to maintain and secure it falls to the buyer, in real life and in the virtual world as well.

And now I realize that I’m “ranting”, and therefore better stop. :slight_smile:


I see all of your points . This still; dose not make it right . "If you know that the person selling their Items can remove it at any moment;"I bought photoshop 13 from amazon 3 years ago … I have had 2 computers since then . It is still available on amazon . The items I bought on this site were “within the last year” … and they are already gone . The person who bought something should at least have access to “the ORIGINAL file”; “Mind you . Even if it is not updated”. There should be something to protect your consumers " So we feel like we are not losing money .

I have external hard drives " Several", as I am a digital designer . Some of my work has to be done on the Surface pro, say I drop my hard drive on accident … and it no longer works .Then What ? I understand if you break a cd the company won’t replace it . “”"“Most Companys”"""" Provide a digital download Longer than a year" Some of these items, “”""“i just bought 6 months ago”"""" and they are already gone . I have had 2 drives crash since then" Mind you" they were old". In that process, I lost a lot of files. I do have dropbox, " Its full of all my work files" An is only used for WORK . “Perhaps I will work out a better system for saving my files being that I know * You’re customers in the end; Will not be taken care of . I don’t want updates . I just want my original files back . There should at least be a folder, with access to your ORIGINAL FILE. I will look through all of my files " which i have thousands and thousands” hopefully I can find them . I do love this site. “The people on this site that I have purchased from, were helpful " Some of them”. “I think” before i start investing more money into this site; "I will use all my other design resource options. “The Simple fact being; “If my computer were to crash right now”, and I lost everything . You guys would not do anything for me; You would tell me I should have put them somewhere different . That is what I am getting from your conversation . Thanks for your response . I will take into consideration the fact that, “if I buy something today”, “I haven’t downloaded it, and tomorrow it is gone” I just lost my file and money .
I really appreciate your time and what you said . That still doesn’t work for me though. I did manage to take everything from BOTH ACCOUNTS that I have made a purchase on and saved them all to my External . Now I know your rules state . " You can lose what you paid for”

Still Love this place . May still buy in the future, for now Im good .

Again, Thanks for your time and response .


If you do not have your original download, maybe you could contact the author, and he will be glad to help? I know I would, if someone would contact me about files he once bought, and cannot get it for such and such reason.

Just a thought :wink:


And how much did you pay for Photoshop, compared to the insanely low prices here on Envato? You are comparing Apples with Oranges, and once again, you are missing the most important part: Who holds the copyright. If Envato were to hold the copyright on every item sold here, it would be able and allowed to continue offering a download option for it, even after it is discontinued/abondened by the original author. But Envato doesn’t hold the copyright; the individual authors do, and therefore, if an author decides to discontinue/abonden a product, Envato is legally required to remove all download options provided via Envato. In that, Envato is much more like Ebay, than any other online market.

In 98% of all cases, you are dealing with small time authors here, many doing their work more as an hobby, than a full time job. Comparing those authors to a multi-billion dollar company like Adobe, Microsoft, etc., and expecting the same from them as you do from those large companies, simply doesn’t hold up.

Just as authors/sellers have certain responsibilities on Envato, so do the buyers. And the main responsibility of each buyer is to ensure that they downloaded and secured their purchased item, because you can’t expect anybody else to do it for you.


This will never change for the simple reason that envato do not own the files and therefore have no rights to store or redistribute items if the author (copyright owner) decides to remove them.

Speaking as a buyer who had bought a lot more than most across envato - it’s worth noting that using this business model over owned files is what makes envato so great and be able to offer the eleven of quality and quantity they do. Take that away and it will hurt both envato, authors and buyers alike.

Going somewhere else is everyone’s choice but it won’t be any different unless you choose a marketplace which crates their own products and accept the smaller choice and (generally) lower quality.

As mentioned before it is exactly the same in iTunes, Google Play and every other digital download space that uses 3rd party creators.

I asked this in the last discussion about this situation but if anyone wants to show me a marketplace that does not own the items they are selling but still allows download of removed files - I am happy to be proved wrong.


Thank for all of your feedback . I have a better picture now . Either way; hopefully I have the files somewhere . Fingers crossed . I love love love this site . I will still buy from here . I use this site frequently . Now that I am clear on everything i will take better care of my files. This is completely My FAULT . I Just upgraded to an Alienware Area 51 New hard drives “TO better organize what I buy” . I’m just butt hurt in the sense, that I didn’t read the rules and didn’t have an understanding . I guess this is a perfect example of “why sometimes you need to read what you click on” . “Point Made” . I promise I am not some BiPolar Person . shm . Just like my opinions to be voiced . I hope this post helps someone who is in my position someday. I am sure I am not the first or last person, " Who didn’t read".
I will always be a customer on this site .
There are great prices here and the customer service is clearly thorough and TOP NOTCH; very kind and professional .
G Adam Orosco
Artist @t
OvahFx Art without a brush .
Thanks to the staff who responded to this .
I am not a paid spokesperson . BIG SMILES . :wink:


One more thing .
I made 2 accounts by accident . I ended up buying on both of them . Is there a way to combine my accounts . My other Account is Gafx29 I believe . I live in Florida so I cannot call . I thought perhaps your wise knowledge of this wonderful site could help ? If not I have still downloaded Everything you will be happy to know . All save and Organized in a proper place , even if this is not possible . :smile:


charlie4282 you’re Awesome . Even in my frustration, your were the professional and helped me clear up "My Mistake with your simple words " So thank you . Again . I will always buy from here with people like you . You are a ROCKSTAR.


i know it’s already been said but If you get stuck i would try contacting the author, if you can prove you’ve purchased the item then i can’t see why the author wont help you out.


And if you buy something, don’t download it, and it’s removed before you get thebopportunity to… you will get a refund or credit to your account. You do need to contact support though, doesn’t happen straight away.