Item Deleted that I purchased?

Hey all and Envato … I just went to download as purchase I made of sound effects and they’re no longer available!!! They were deleted? Where is my refund or credit then?? Has anyone dealt with this… that’s not right at all!

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, request a refund at

If you did download it, then you’re not eligible for a refund. The downloads page explicitly states items can be removed by authors at any time so you should download it and keep a copy somewhere.

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“explicitly” - please don’t speak to me like I’m a student or child … I purchase, I download… I don’t think any of us editors have the time to go through and read a downloads page

Well unfortunately Envato doesn’t sell their own audio. Authors upload their audio and sell it - as such they own the copyright and have the right to remove it at any point. And in such a case, Envato no longer has any legal right to continue allowing you to download the track.

If you contact the author of the deleted item via their profile page, perhaps they can send you a link to download it again.