Help: Items removed by author before download.


I dropped a load of cash on 2 licenses (1 small, 1 big) for a set of 3 music pieces, only because I wanted the first and it seemingly was the only 1 unavailable for single purchase.

I went to download them there and they have been removed. First of all it is not clear that the items should be downloaded immediately on Envato. Secondly, I really need that single tune.

I don’t want a refund, I paid through the roof to get it.

How can this be rectified? I’ve tried mailing the author, hopefully they get back to me quickly.


There are many reasons why it could have been removed so contacting the author first is a good step as they own the copyright.

If the author can’t / won’t enable a download (either sending a file or via the AJ website) then your next point of contact is Envato support but they will only refund you as they can’t and won’t send you files to an item which has been removed (legally they can’t as they don’t own the items).

Hopefully it’s just a quick take down and re-list but do be prepared for the worst case scenario which is a refund of the item price.


Ye it’s a huge disaster, I was using the preview as a placeholder in my game. Hoping to release a trailer really soon, hence why I went to download the proper file just there. It’s doubly annoying considering that the single track had already been taken down, so I had to fork out for the 3 pack. Hopefully I can get my hands on it but considering I couldn’t on it singly, maybe something else is afoot…