Item Removal



Hello Authors,

I’m finding it quite perplexing that when I’ve purchased and Item for let’s say for $50 to 60$ the items removed a few weeks later. Let’s say for instance I’ve shift - del that item which was on desktop and I’ve had to download the item again however to find out it’s been removed is a little insulting and mildly irritating. Any one get this?




Unfortunately (and I agree with the frustration) it is the nature of digital marketplaces especially those with 3rd party authors.

Thankfully if it is a recent purchase and file then there is a good chance it has only been temporarily removed; plus if you bought the file within the last 6 months then under the new support policy there may be some way in which envato can help.


Yes absolutely Charlie I’ve only had the experience twice now it’s not nice really, I didn’t really know that happened in digital marketplaces really The same product in question is being listed again under another name? is there somebody I can see about that?

Cheers, great marketplace btw!


Is it definitely the same file or does it just look similar? Is it a different format of the same file?

If you are sure it’s the same then you should let support know

Again I totally sympathise but it is the same on iTunes, Google Play and all the competitor marketplaces to here.


hi why do not u try to contact the guy who created the item , i am not in TF but if there was such a problem with one buyer of my flyers and i was sure that the person had really bought the item, i would help … u should try to see …