How Good Is Envato, really

From a buyers point of view Envato is turning into a BIG waste of money, the items being uploaded are good however I have now had 10 items removed from my download section because the buyer has revoked them or they have been removed by Envato. Sadly the message is vague so I dont actually now what happened to them, all I know is a paid for them and now they have been taken away without refunding me

I’m tired of logging in and going to download and item to find I know longer have access to it even though I have purchased it, along with a license to use it.

So why should we buy from Envato? What protection do we get as a buyer? I for one have now given up on buying from this marketplace unless I really have to.

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Buyers have a big protection under the new support policy which was a very bold move by envato and adds a new protection against authors not supporting files or removing them completely, for at least 6 months (more if they pay a tiny fee) and is the best option for a difficult position that envato are in to please everyone

The message will always need to be as ‘vague’ as it is because of the nature of the marketplace. i.e. envato don’t own the files - the copyright lies with authors.

Truth be told there is very little difference (contrary to popular belief) in terms of regulations and terms/conditions between envato and other competitors however by envato not owning the files they are able to produce a far higher quality and quantity of files - something which no other alternative site offers.

Of course it is frustrating when files get removed (speaking as someone who has bought more files than most) but it’s a trade off for getting the choice of items worth thousands of $ for $50 and a risk that even when files are removed is worth taking.

Other marketplaces really are not going to be any better and not offer close to the great value and options available here, and what would be an alternative? We know that 99% of people who buy from here do so to avoid having to pay what these files are really worth and go to an agency, which of course is the best option to prevent files being taken away, support etc.


I raised a similar question. @charlie4282 delivers a good answer as usual!

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All valid points here. Of course the easy solution is to just download your purchase when you purchase it.

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Yes, and keep it backed up. It’s the same with buying any digital product.

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At the end of the day, almost every stock marketplace is populated with items from independent authors… and they have the right to remove those items whenever they want, for one reason or another. Although this has happened a lot of times for you here, which is unfortunate, it’s just as likely to happen elsewhere at some point now or in the future.

Always best to download items straight away and archive them for future use.

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