6 deleted item and Envato won't refund me ?

Alway had problem with Envanto team.
They alway alway alway want to keep the money for them.

I am a verry great customer, i mean, i should ordered more than 50 items here in Envato.
But every time i want to download item back and see ‘‘Item no longer available’’, i have the right to get a refund for that.

I mean, i paid, and i stil can’t download it ?
And now, you tell me that it a digital product and you can’t guarantee ?

I don’t ****** care seriously if you lost your commission in all these sale. If the product is no longer available, you have the right to refund all your customer.

But i realized that Envanto team like stealing money to his customer, so i will make it harder for the team.
Verrry verry stupid.

Please, every one who got ''No longer available" product ordered, and Envato won’t refund, please contact me.

We’ve bought many more files (into thousands) and have several which have since been removed.

Unfortunately (and we get it’s frustrating) all buyers agreed to T&Cs which stipulate this and it has nothing to do with envato “stealing” anything.

One of the main reasons for the quality and quantity available here is that unlike many other marketplaces envato don’t own the items or copyright so they have no right to be able to prevent this (it’s exactly the same with other marketplaces or app stores that use this model).

Coincidentally it may be more items of they were photos given the overhaul of Photodune but that’s not a reflection of all marketplaces.

Just to be very clear while I am a MOD I don’t work for envato and this is simply us adding clarity as someone who has bought many items and had the same experience.

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Same here. I’ve purchased about 750 items across most marketplaces. I started checking and got to 102 items removed, but gave up after page 12 out of 36… so it’s possible that around 300 or so have been removed from the 750 I bought. 90% of them, or thereabouts, are from PhotoDune.

Like Charlie, I know it’s not ideal, and I’d prefer to have access to them than not… but people have the right to remove their items from Envato at any time. And when that happens, Envato have no right to continue to make those items available. That’s why it’s clearly stated in the terms and conditions, and at the top of your download page:



I have 4 purchased items, 2 of them are deleted :smiley:
It would be nice to just allow buyers download it (even if support and updated will be not included anymore). But I guess there could be some license-related issues…

envato doesn’t own the copyright and therefore cannot allow this once an author removes it. Exactly the same with iTunes etc.

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Right, understandable