rejet videohive typography templates

Hello, I was rejected for this template and I don’t really know why, the color and pattern are customizable and the text is controlled by csv, what do you think please?

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hello @m4tier3studio

Sorry for I said you that your design and animations, typography is not quality premium for videohive approved it, regards.

Hi, waht do you mean the typography that i used or all template ?


ok, so you mean i have to use a premium font that i buy right ?

The video appears average , but the font you have chosen diminishes its overall impressiveness and professionalism.


ok, but do i have to use a premium font mean not a free one ?

no, you can used fonts free like but beautiful letter and professional. but remember used links in items and readme.txt in buyer file.

ok, thanks Jeri, you rock…and is the same for any photo/video item? i mean i have to give the personal link not only to say that come from freepik for exemple right ?

Hi, I think it was rejected cause it looks like a begginer project. Which is fine, but not enough for this market. Begginner level proejcts usually lack good style, good design, and good animation along with offering very little variaty in designs and animations.

Lets have a look at these projects below:

Imagine if you replaced the grey background with light black and white footage, and also the shapes would have colored in footage. That would look fantastic! You look at it and just think wow that looks interesting. Cause there’s big elements and small, a variety of matching colors and other design principles executed well. Every detail was though of and pricesily positioned to make that frame look interesting, dynamic and well designed.

Now you look at your one line of text and you think - boring, I could write it myself and also that white outline on black text looks bad. And then the background footage doesnt go well with the text colors or the font. It all looks unplanned, unthough off, just random text, random colros and random footage. That’s not design but just a mess.

Now imagine if your project looked more like this:

Text with some transparent light footage, lots of negative space, the preview images and videos colors all match and look just nice. There’s other elements than just the one text of line.

That makes it all look interesting and well designed as well, even if much simpler than the first example.

I think you first need to take your currrent level to these projects level of design and execution before you can think of a proejct approval. And you can do that by first learning and practicing the design principles, and then also work on provding customers with a variety of good qualtiy animations. Not just one move in-stop animation repeated endlessly. Best of luck! :smiley:


yes is why I have to do , Envato don’t say why they don’t accept item is why is difficult to understand and why i’m asking for advice here.