My professional templates are not accepted

I’m new in Envato and My professional templates ( App Promo), has been rejected
and My work more professional Then Many people
And I get tired of it

Post your work here, so we can give feedback

If you are a pro - you must know about how to use colors,
i am just a graphic/web designer and i really didn’t liked the colors used in this video promo.

i am pretty sure this is low quality (looks much old/basic) then the other items in videohive.

in my view - colors and text presentation should be improved (with some animations/effects).

Envato/Videohive have different quality standards if you are new to this site - you must check other new items and their quality.

(its just my personal opinion)

Good luck on Videohive :slight_smile:


I can’t see anything “professional” in this template: From Colors / Typography to 3D Render / Animation

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