lower third template rejected

Hello, I would like your opinion on this template, why was it rejected

What you mean, you can’t read the video ?

ok, thanks, so how can i show my template to get advice please ?

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ah ok is problem from youtube but is possible to share youtube videos here ? right ?

Can you look again please i changed the privacy of the video

Sorry for my account by youtube was block me, now yes I can see my other account by youtube, it’s wotking

your design was too basic animations, design, etc… for so was hard rejected in videohive.

Thank you.

too basic ? but there is so many basic template on envato and i will update step by step

Yes I know but your design is not good quality.

You can see other example approved in videohive how is animations, etc… good quality.

I too my design animations videohive was hard rejected for not good quality, design, etc…

i don’t want to judge people but this one is same quality Social Media Lower Thirds par MrsTortoise | VideoHive

and there is so many like this is why i don’t understand, i also bought some with expression which dosent work etc…

This design Social Media Lower… is very good animations, more quality for so approved.

you can learn course motion school in after effects for good create any animations for sell videohive.

really i absolutely don’t see what is better

but you don’t can copy same animations, design, etc because copyright, if future your design will to be approved than other author will to claim your design your account will to be blocked, be very careful

Yes, i know that, Envato are really hard, and is why i made somethings different with same quality, but mine is rejected

you don’t can make same design for item.

Do you remember me, another author is going to tell you the same as me that you can’t copy another item, something similar, etc. That’s why your designs were rejected, but also because of your design’s poor quality.

should i remember you, we talk before ? i didn’t made same design and the quality is not poor at all, who judge that i feel that about many other design from other people you know. my template is for premiere pro and after effect with all expression, a lot of possibilty to customize. and for exemple this one don’t have that, you can only change color. sorry i feel a bit upset.

This template is far away from yours, but lets say that they are equal. Do you want zero sales too? I always compared my templates with the best sellers. This is what it needs to have sales.