Reject my video from videohive

Hi Guys,

Please help me I am new on videohive, I have uploading my first video on videohive 2 times but the are rejected my video again and again, please check out my video and suggest me .

You turned the same animation 3 to 4 times. Animation, Font, Animation Transitions should be fluent. In this work you have presented a very simple concept and the animations have not been nice. I think you should study a little more.

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Watch the work 4-5 times

Hi Nexus,

Please check my another project, it is too rejected from videohive, why? I have used different types of transitions in this template.

Sorry for the harsh criticize :open_mouth: your first template that got rejected was way too much better than this one you showed now, both of the templates need lots of modifying on animation, graphics, transition even the colors.

Always compare your work with other authors here and try to do a better template with your own touch.

Hope you all the best, just keep trying don’t stop :+1:

yes there are differences. Please watch the project at least 10 times while doing a project. You understand how simple it is. When I do a project, the project duration is estimated to be 4 days but I don’t like it because I’m changing my project type directly because I don’t like what I do. That’s what I think it should be. You shouldn’t expect someone else to like what you do before you like it. Take the project from the eyes of the buyer. This way it turns out that better projects come out. Labor was never easy. Like being in the future …