Rejecting audiojungle

Interesting thread. I get the frustration from both sides. It is annoying when your stuff gets rejected, especially because there is never a reason given.
There are also so many frustrated authors who come to the forums to vent their anger about how, from their perspective, the review process treats them unfairly, or how they seem to have become black-listed somehow, or how their track is way better than other tracks which are accepted. For regular forum readers, it seems to be the same story over and over again.

@CleanMagicAudio recently posted a link to this on another thread:

It is a long read, but it explains in much detail exactly how the reviewers do their job and it is a good tool to help you think more objectively about your own work. I think it should be mandatory reading for all authors who use the forum for advice on rejections. Perhaps it would be helpful if it could be pinned to the top of the topic board since the majority of new topics are rejection advice threads… (and perhaps it could be re-named to something catchier! Maybe something like “Helpful Advice for Rejected Items is Helpful Advice for Rejected Items”) :smiley: