Rejecting audiojungle

No and no.

Hahah, yeah right!
I fill your frequency!
Answer my question …
Whats wrong with this Jazz / blues piece ?
My track is not suitable for the commercial use while yours is ?
THIS symbol ? means Question

I don’t care enough to go hear it on good speakers, so…


So what are you doing on my thread than?

Oh, I just had some time to kill between reviewing and rejecting your tracks because they’re so damn good.:crazy_face:

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So you did use the speakers and enjoyed some ‘motivating time’? / or was it some other ball ,
cuz it sure looks like you’ve got Eight Personality Disorders
And I’m done talking to the Eight of them!

Hello @EightBallAudio and @LostSoundStudio

Stop this “road to nowhere” conversation, please.

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You might consider trying to figure out what was right about your tracks which were accepted, and what’s wrong with those that were not.

Just read the whole thing.
This guy is apparently here to hang around and mock people. Insult. And show off!
On something of real importance to me and my other colleagues .

No, I’m trying to show you the complete ridiculousness of blaming reviewers for your rejections.

You’re neither the first nor the last AJ author who thinks there is a grand conspiracy to keep them from succeeding.

What you call mockery, I call good advice. And if it were mockery, it would be well deserved.

I am not going to take part of this conversation and choose “a side” (In other hand i´d always choose the dark side :joy:), i have read all this.
You can talk about rejections and advice , but not turn this conversation in a fight.

What does this means? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Hey guys! Like the Cramberries said “No need to argue”. Sorry, I’m an elder.

@LostSoundStudio, I just checked your jazzy track and liked it A LOT. In this crazy and sometimes absurd AJ world, names do make the difference. Probably if your track was titled “Detectives” or “Film Noir” would have been accepted (actually I would give that a try and re-submit IIWY… I don’t know if a customer looking for a “Happy Routine” vibe would go for this kind of genre, but it’s just my humble opinion.

As for anything else, please don’t take this personal because I say this constructively, but no one here is a reviewer, and I hardly doubt they reject stuff to slyly keep competition away. There are INSANELY talented works from lots of both old and new authors around that get accepted daily. Besides, blaming others for our own flaws is quite oftenly a bad strategy to improve. I mean, you’re obviously a very skilled musician, maybe you just could try to figure out what the market expects… I don’t know, just sharing some thoughts.

Best of luck, sincerely.


Hi LSS, i just uploaded 2 track, one being rejected because the ending was too abrupt which i understand so i edited it and uploaded it again and they review it like in 5 mins and it got accepted so i feel positive about it.

What i can say about your 1st track: Sounds like an enternal verse, doesn’t sound bad, i would say it’s stuck in the verse and it doesn’t have an intro (IMO). From the “intro” to the middle of the song it sounds the same and also it ends where it should impact!

Track 2 (i have heard many times the same music so it’s repetitive.

Track 3 (the blues): I would say you struggle with mixing, i think that’s the problem with it.

Hope it helps and remember, it’s my opinion but i’ve been doing music for many years and also worked on fiverr and still have those clients but i’m out of it since they pretty much steal your money.

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Por favor, Manrique, ahora que sos un pez gordo, no redirijas esto al What are you listening. :wink:

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No se me ocurriría.

Interesting thread. I get the frustration from both sides. It is annoying when your stuff gets rejected, especially because there is never a reason given.
There are also so many frustrated authors who come to the forums to vent their anger about how, from their perspective, the review process treats them unfairly, or how they seem to have become black-listed somehow, or how their track is way better than other tracks which are accepted. For regular forum readers, it seems to be the same story over and over again.

@CleanMagicAudio recently posted a link to this on another thread:

It is a long read, but it explains in much detail exactly how the reviewers do their job and it is a good tool to help you think more objectively about your own work. I think it should be mandatory reading for all authors who use the forum for advice on rejections. Perhaps it would be helpful if it could be pinned to the top of the topic board since the majority of new topics are rejection advice threads… (and perhaps it could be re-named to something catchier! Maybe something like “Helpful Advice for Rejected Items is Helpful Advice for Rejected Items”) :smiley:


I got a chance to hear this on good speakers. So - if you’re interested:

Overall, the mix is good. But structurally and sonically, there are some issues.

The sections of the track don’t make a lot of sense and aren’t particularly well-defined.
If you want to open the track with a guitar solo (although personally I wouldn’t), then it needs to be more repetitive in order to function as an intro.
I’d also suggest making it half as long, so the melody comes in at 0:15 rather than 0:30.
The call and response melody almost works, but the bass trombone (?) hits are too low and don’t fit.
Instead of going to a new section at 0:45, it would be preferable to repeat the intro (if there was one.)
At around 0:55 there’s yet another new section, half as long as it seems it should be.
And then another long guitar solo.

In my opinion, you have all the basic elements of a track that could be accepted; they just need to be in a more stock music friendly order: Concise and melodic 4 or 8 bar statements.


@EightBallAudio , thanks a lot man.
I appreciate it.
I think this is the beginning of a good friendship. =)
I’ll try that as well hope it works. Peace.
All the best,

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