Rejected video

Hello, I got information that “it isn’t at the quality standard”.
This is the motion video:

Animation was prepared in 4k and sent to envato in HD, all footages were prepared much bigger.
I am not new at producing animations for TV stations, know standards for technical control…
Best regards.

Thinking about the commercial side … I can not imagine anyone using animations of this type. In my opinion, this animation seems to me well outdated … The standard of the market demands quality and commercial vision. Good luck dude!

Thank You:)
I was waiting with reply till first sell of this item. And it was today.
I also constructed another animation based on scheme that was rejected here, same moves, time, etc, a little different look because of adding outline to character (it makes it more difficult and may generate more technical problems) and it was also sold a few days ago:
Stocks contain clips of different kind and style. That’s a pity for me that all my animations I sent to envato were rejected and I cannot know the reason. Thats is a pity because envato has interesting content potential (AE presets) for designers. I make animations and illustrations for kids for years. Control at TV stations is very restrictive - technical and substantive and during 15+ years of my work I had no problems with accepting. If I knew the reason it would be more easy. Best regards and thank you once again for help. Good luck.

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Think about it … a single sale in months. When we create something really good, we check hundreds a month here.

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Dear AleFX,
That is true, but you have written that you “can not imagine anyone using animations of this type”. It is my beginning with stocks. In hundreds a month there are selling AE projects, not video backgrounds. I also did not imagine that it will be a best seller, but just wanted to create something for a smaller group of customers.
There is a group of people, who do not expect too commercial things.
I understand your point of view, but it was sold:)
Best regards and good luck!

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My sun has earned over 200 dollars for me till now on other stocks. I think it is not so bad since april for ordinary motion clip. Best regards.

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Hey there,
Personally I like your work but in the market there are a lot of professional works and in need for the customers with highly techniques
You need to produce very professional works to be accepted these days, My tip to work more on your skills then produce something great to the market


Hi. Your elephant work is great I think. These kind of animations are not easy to do. But maybe it´s not “Videohive style”. I guess your works could be approved on Videohive (not Shutterstock) if you have more of these works and sell them as a big bundle with many different animated characters. Just a thought.
Good luck!

Hello. Thank you. I will create next animals, of course, but don’t want to sell them as a bundle, because, as you noticed, there is much work with it. Here is my another animal in two styles:

Best regards!

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