Why is this rejected ? Motion Graphics clips

These got accepted in all other agencies, yet, envato rejected it.
Who can guess why? (2nd clip sold 3 copies as an AE Template! [link removed])

First clip: Tracking is off, stats are wobbling around. Needs a better camera solve. Also why are there stats around a tree trunk? Does not make much sense to me.

2nd clip: Nothing outstandingly wrong to me, kind of hard to judge in 480p quality. Video footage may be too low quality. I think it is a nice clip, though.

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I think the first clip was good. its visually appealing but the concept is a little off - The tracking seems good to me. Honestly dont know, maybe reupload or try to write a email saying it was approved on other sites.
2nd clip doesnt seem that good the sun gets in the way and the concept seems off to me?
Good work though. Cheeers!