The old, why did they reject my motion graphics

Just looking for some reason, in all that is video and motion graphics on envato these days
A bunch of new users with lots and lots of accepted, let’s just say, not so useful or esthetic motion graphics content, and by that I mean you really can use them for anything. Also they are way bellow envatos highly praised standards. So I have no other explanation other than they are bias against some users.
Anyway this is the video that got rejected

I agree with you about a lot of crap in motion graphics category. But if we close the eyes on quality issues, they all has some kind of usefulness.
But look at your video. What was it for? How can I use it? Why does the camera move in spurts and so fast? If it’s conveyor… Does video useful for clients who need conveyor? For lamps factory? Then a pink background would be a problem. If it’s for fashion industry. Why does they need loop animation of lamps? If it’s representing a symbol of born idea. Why does it loop? Once again why does it moves so fast?
So in my opinion your video is “art for art’s sake”. It’s good for instagram, good for some kind of exhibitions. But Envato doesn’t sell arts. It sells design pieces, solutions.


well it is ment to be a stock footage for explaniers, corporate videos or anything else, and the version uploaded to videohive was with transparent background and slower movement, I agree it qualifies more as a stock video than a motion graphics element, but there is no category for animated stock footage

abrupt start and end of animation -> hard reject.
This is just a no-go not to use some easing here. Feels very clunky to me.

I think with some smooth easing this can be accepted. I agree with 2FI that the current look makes it a bit hard to use it in any corporate project, but as you say it was with transparent background, fixing the easing could be enough to get it accepted.

dam these bias reviews are killing me .
so this is not acceptable :
but this is?

You have to admit that the second one at least adheres to the technical guidelines of a minimum length of 5 seconds.

it short because its made to loop, and I have made 15 second versions as well.
I have made 2-3 of these corona virus themed motion graphics which were accepted, so I decided to make a pack of 15 which was rejected, so I tried to upload each individual element and all were rejected. but it doesn’t matter, I just sold 2 of the on shutterstock and they got accepted a few hours ago