Can we see any Rejection Explanation?

I am new. My Motion Graphics work was rejected but I can’t see if it happened because of the content or any kind of technical reason. May be I had to prepare thumbnail images. (I choose all thumbs images automatically, not made any except the video file) I only want to know what was wrong with my files shortly. Is there anywhere that I can find at least this info?
Or should I start to think envato is crowded enough review times are long and hard and try my chance at another place.

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Thumbnail images they offer are usually fine, though some you create on your own can sometimes present your motion graphics much better to buyers. They give very general reason in email why something isn’t accepted and usually they say the reason is quality and item doesn’t have potential to sell on this market. They won’t go into all the tiny details why something is rejected because that would be time consuming. Make sure to set notifications to get their email in which they notify you about rejection reason. When Item is Hard Rejected, you will only get that general rejection reason about quality. If soft rejected, they will point out what should be corrected.

What they expect is that similar items don’t exist already, or too many spinning around that same idea. Originality is important, quality, new idea, and as more works coming, that bar goes higher every month because market should be competitive, offer value to customer and also we as authors need to grow and get better in what we do, instead our creativity to stagnate.

I do agree it would be great we know all those exact reasons for rejection pointed out and outlined, but as I mentioned, that would be time consuming for their team of reviewers. You can always post your item in this forum and other authors will check and let you know what could be the reason for rejection.
You can also go through this article.

I too am frustrated with this… hard reject, but why? Shutterstock sucks, but at least they tell me a general reason why it’s not accepted so I have a chance to correct it. I see the same BS explanation repeated here… it’s too time consuming to tell you why it’s rejected… well it’s pretty damn time consuming to make this kind of content, have it rejected, and not no why. It would NOT be hard to have a list of general rejection reasons and have the reviewer select one of them when rejecting… shutterstock, pond5 do this. I just started uploading here on envato/video hive (so confusing), I already don’t like envato compared to shutterstock/pond5 from an author submission standpoint. And that’s saying a lot because shutterstock reviewers SUCK. But the author upload/submission interface here is so basic and confusing,. Contacted support and never heard back… envato is a joke.

An actual review process should include the reason for rejection on 100% of rejected items. The argument that it takes too much effort on the reviewer’s part is unacceptable.

  1. it’s their job to “review”.
  2. it’ll reduce future repeated mistakes.
  3. review time can already extend past 2 weeks, so we might as well have a reason when an item is unacceptable.
  4. a checkmark system for selecting pre-defined rejection reasons from a menu is just as quick as pressing the reject button. Unless rejections are arbitrary, which I’m sorry to say. they have been.
  5. every other marketplace will state a reason for rejections. some will send you a video of a problem, with voice over and a page long email.
  6. some marketplaces don’t even have a review process such as dribbble or creative market.
  7. creating items takes far longer time than reviewing them, it’s unfair to throw the ball in the author’s court 100% of the time.

It’s been discussed so many times but the existing model remains the best option.

You are absolutely right. To review, not to teach some author show to design or code.

I can’t comment from personal experience but if that is the case then they must have a fraction of the volume of submissions which envato gets

The main reason that giving feedback (even generic or pre-defined comments) remains the added time it adds not only to reviewers jobs but authors wait time.

However, also - the danger of generic feedback is it relies on the authors’ ability to understand, interpret, and resolve that.

You only need to look around these forums to see how far off the standard many items are. If the author understood generic comments or principals such as ‘typography’, ‘hierarchy’, etc. then the designs would not be in the state they are in the first place.

This then leads to the potential for more wasted time for reviewers rechecking items and frustration for authors who think that they have addressed a specific instruction, but fail to do so.

Same old argument, it’ll take more time. As if making the items happens overnight. The division of royalties allocates the largest piece of the pie to you guys, last 3 months alone had gained you the entirety of the content bonus.

If more reviewers are required to do the job properly, then by all means. It’s not the author’s fault the company chooses to operate on skeleton crew for max profit.

If you monitor the forums this past year you’ll see how often the reviewers can miss the ball entirely. In some instances they weren’t well versed on the rules of the content under review. and have offered the wrong advice.
it’s easy to argue that the reviewer knows best, when there’s zero transparency on what actually goes on during review.
More than once I’ve had to explain how an action works to the person making the decisions whether my work is worthy for publication or not.