Rejected track - I need some advice

This track was rejected. I need some advice on this. Thank you

Hello! The feeling that you were not editing the track. The guitar has a too loud first note throughout the entire track. Don’t put so much emphasis on the first beat. At the end of the track, the guitar sounds great. If you add more compression and flight, that’s great. In general, you need to spend more time mixing. By the way, I liked your “Happy Bear”! Good luck!

Thank you so much Romantic_City for your help!

Your track is not ready for release.Needs editing, mixing and master.There are inconsistencies and masked frequencies all along the track.I’d advice for some instrument replacements.E.g. the electric guitar.Despite the fact i hate the mute guitars, ( and all that corporate thingies) i’d go for that.

Thank you very much for helping. I know, I need to improve my mixing and mastering skills …