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this track was rejected by AudioJungle. can you please give me an idea why, especially if it has to do with sound/audio quality. thank you

Cool composition, but yes, it has to do with the quality of the sounds (and midi programming).

When you’re going for a track that should have a live feel, it really needs to sound authentic. This sounds very robotic and “midi”.

You need better samples, and you need to work A LOT on the midi programming. The snares must be much better and everything needs to sound like it was played by humans, not a computer.

Hope this helps! It’s a cool composition! :slight_smile:

Exactly what Flumen just said. I might add, find some reference tracks on here that have been accepted recently (within the past month or so) and try and get your sound as close to them as possible. Sometime we compose in our own little bubble and it’s hard to stay objective.

Got it thanks. I can write tunes but I don’t have as much sound production experience. Like everything else I’ll keep working on it

Jeff Henry

Thanks. I’ll put that on the long list of things to do😀

Jeff Henry

I can only agree with what has been already said.

Somehow, it reminds me of what I was composing a while ago (1996… time is flying!!), using Cakewalk 3 on a laptop, and using an external Roland sound module, I was doing some jazzy stuff at that time.

The composition is not bad at all, so you “only” need to work on

  • “humanizing” the composition
  • finding better sounds

This is really worth it, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it !

Thanks. I am enjoying learning more and more about sound production. And I know that it’s a part of composing; orchestration. If I could I’d just get great bass, drum and sax player together and record everything live

Jeff Henry