Rejected track HELP!

Hi guys, this is my fourth track in a row that was rejected from audiojungle. Could you please tell me what can be wrong with it? Thank you for any help!

Hello @anon57972691 !

You have a decent idea here but there are some problems that I can hear:

  • that hiss…what/why is that?
  • there are pretty big EQ and compression problems
  • too much low, audible hard compresion and the sidechained synth seems to have some trouble.
  • the mix is not wide enough.
  • remove that squeaky synth (it’s kinda ugly and doesn’t fit with the idea)

Regarding the composition / structure I believe that there are some more issues:

  • the guitar lead is a nice addition, but it’s played only in the first part and then dropped.
  • the rhythmic pattern changes from one to another often and this is not a good idea (at least on audiojungle)
  • there is not much going on, nothing new as the track plays. After 35 seconds, I could press stop and that’s it.

My advice is to take some time to learn more by practicing and experimenting; and have a listen to some of the dance tracks approved on AJ (don’t miss the latest top sellers) to use as a reference if this kind of music is what you want to make.

Best wishes

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midi piano I think…and too loud white noise
totally not good enough mixing and mastering…

Thank you for your comment!

Thank you!