Rejected! Looking for your feedback.

Digital Marketing Facebook Cover - 4 Color Variations

Facebook Cover PSD template got rejected for “quality standard”.
I’m looking for feedback so I can learn more about the quality standard required for future designs.
Thanks in advance!!!

The design basics (hierarchy, typography, alignment, spacing etc.) need a lot of work

For simple and limited designs - things have to be flawless in execution

I think it is so simple, maybe add more shapes

hi I am sorry to tell u the ugly truth but I would better try to make u understand things … let’s face it, at this stage , what u have here takes not over 3 minutes to create … I guess u can identify that for a professional graphic design marketplace , u are far away from standards to stay the least … for a buyer to buy it takes that he or she can figure out that they will save time out of buying or offer a product going way beyond their personal skills and in both cases, this is definitely not what happens here. Not only is there close to no graphic design right now button addition there is a good collection of all kinds of mistakes that should be fixed, too. indeed, u have contrast issues resulting in a snowball effect in readability, hierarchy and exposure issues, but not only … u have problems when it comes to organization and lay out, they look completely random and consist in misbalanced areas being put right next to each other and breading visual discomfort. Then , the chancing colors in the title make no sense and have only readability issues as a consequence. The call for action button definitely is not pushing people to click so that we can legitimately consider that u missed the target on this one. The text is even hard to read due to the lack of contrast , by the way … . There are issues about spacing too, which basically means that u are at least violating two basic design principles , so hard to expect that the item can make it in such conditions … As regard to the global style, to be honest , this is hard to see any kind of connection between the theme and activity and the global graphic look. Finally pls think about it, all details matter and displaying some color version that are really not aesthetic to say the least , is rather counter productive than any other thing … (I mean this for the red one in particular), as the preview file is the interface between u and your worm in one side and the reviewer and potential buyer in the other one, so this should be looking as good as possible to convince other people …

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