My Facebook Cover Photo Design got hard rejected. I don't understand what they want!!! Need Advice.

GraphicRiver Your item, Facebook Cover Photo - Clean & Minimalistic

This is not clean or minimalistic. This is an old and dusty web design style which is no longer used. Beside the old style you have no concept, elements are cramped, typography is dull and that image with that business without head is strange.

hi let’s face it , the rejection looks quite obvious indeed. Sorry to say just this as i guess u tried to do your best but the thing is very far from standards as of now … the fact of the matter is that , if u think about it, i guess u can easily identify what is the problem with this item … when u take out the photo that is not meant to be included anyway, what is there left? well texts, very basic shapes - not too numerous in addition - and a block of icons that u are not supposed to use anyway due to copyright restrictions, so i assume that u can figure out that this is a bit too light for the item to have a real commercial potential indeed and , in the same extent , wh would a reviewer accept a file when there is close to potentiality for anyone to buy it ? in addition, multiplying color variations may look good and interesting for the user, but this is in case there is nothing wrong with what u are submitting, if u know what i mean. The real deal is that some color variations fail to contrast properly so that u ultimately violate the “contrast” basic design principle and put yourself into trouble as, in a snowball effect , u end up with radbility and hierarchy problems for the very same reason … this is decreasing the potential of your item again , as why would anyone buy something too simple that they can redo easily and without having specifically greta skills , especially if the concerned file that the will download it far from perfect . in the end, i guess that there is a harmony and coherence with the rest all the same, but choosing a picture is not a good idea too … in particular when the global style looks too generic and that people cannot really understand who u are addressing with this item. Pls let me remind u that this is not 2010 anymore and that the generic side of an item could be a guarantee to sell more back then, but nowadays this is the other way around … u definitely need a more solid concept, define a style for a “target” and that u ultimately reach a niche

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Hello @n2n44 Thanks for your time. I think you properly addressed the issues and I agree with you after reading what you wrote. I have a few questions, I saw other designers use photos. Therefore, I used some copyright free images. Can you please mention some sources from where I can use photos? What kind of icons am I allowed to use? Can you suggest some websites?

@DesignSomething Thanks for your harsh but true opinions. Can you help me understand how I can adopt new concepts and elements in my design? I am having difficulty finding icons for my designs. Can you provide some free links? As for that image without head, If I use a person’s photo with face, I have to obtain there consent, that is why I did not include face. Also, It would be helpful if you can share some links for free images that I can use for my designs with or without attributions. Thanks

hi u can use pexels , pixabay or websites like this indeed. To answer your question to Designsomething,u can indeed display a face for a picture that u are free to use as a preview but u cannot include it in the main files anyway, face or not by the way … for icons u can find some over the internet that u may use but u all have to credit the author at least , though, a better solution if ever can do it, is to create some by yourself … this way no problem in any case lol u can do whatever u like …

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