I got another strong rejection, can you help me get feedback from this design, which is wrong, I don't understand. Is Envato now as difficult as this.


hi i rather like what u have done, though there are things to improve all the same

i really like the cover but the italic typo looks old style and thus not matching with the global style, i understand why u did this but for me this rather hurts than any other thing

u also have here and then some really obvious spacing issues inside the template , according to previews …

the page with 5 blocks of texts organized as a x-shape, is not working at all if u ask me

finally the back cover page is really too raw … everything is too big - in particular name and logo - and lacking finesse, this is not matching with the rest as well … quite frankly the texts are unreadable when crossing the back picture like this, too, if u have to “simulate” an advertising, keep in mind that all details matter and that u are just ruining your preview with what i mentioned

Well, I’m really studying here, thanks for your feedback, and it’s very helpful for me to get up to be better

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u have a cool base, just fix the things and learn from them and everything will be ok :slight_smile: