I again received rejection, can I get feedback for my design for future improvements. Thank you

Hi, your preview image is apsurd. You’re not selling a wooden floor here. What you sell needs to stand out and to show what it is. If this preview image did that, then you would see all kinds of errors. Heading font is terrible. Read https://t.co/mYB5LxUz6h. Your graphics and colors are also terrible maybe check this https://envato.com/learn/2019-color-trends/ Read more text on the Envato Learn platform. Further this is what you need to achieve to get in https://graphicriver.net/item/ebook-eguide/16955459 or https://graphicriver.net/item/corporate-ebook-eguide/14218040 or https://graphicriver.net/item/company-ebook/23770418 Good luck!

hi i do agree with u , the whole thing has to be redone from scratch or not far but maybe it was no need to tell him harshly just like what u did … this is very far from required standards indeed, no doubt about it but i am sure that he tried to do his best … i think that trying to motivate people is a better way to make them bring themselves to the next level rather than kind of discouraging them. Though, once again, i think all the things u said were true, especially when it comes to the mockup he used … the mockup must serve the creation and not the other way around lol. For colors, there is the classic in graphic design lol complementary colors …


Thank you dzeriho for his advice, I will learn more from your review to survive in this market

Thank you sir n2n44, I’m just trying to do my best, even though it’s not enough, but I still want to learn and survive. I still haven’t found the right pattern, I will try to understand this, and come back with something better. Thank you for your review

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keep on focusing of taking out mistakes and taking your game to the next level, this is the best thing on the longer run. Just focus on quality , take your time, do your best and on time everything will be alright :slight_smile: