My first item got rejected. Pls advise me how I correct the next one.

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Bro I thinks
unexpected and unlimited used text so used the essay and limit of text lass then 500

With respect, this is nowhere near the standard and full of basic design issues throughout

The concept is massively overdone and one of the most competitive categories on Envato meaning that anything new has to bring something distinct and fresh and flawless in design.

Just for starters and not an extensive list -

  • profile pic is stretched

  • padding and margins on skills and languages are way off

  • spacing, line height, typography and fonts in the main copy areas need a lot of work

  • severe lack of hierarchy

hi pls do not take this personally but why buying such an item? u can find things like this is a lot for free download in the internet and some of then are objectively better than yours … there is no real originality here , a lot of deja vu feeling resulting by a lot of overused shapes, colors combinations, disposition, typo and so on. In addition, the global style is pretty simple, there is not much graphic design here at this stage and the typo is really super flat and look distorted , which everything altogether contributes to make your whole cv flatter again. Most of the icons are super basic and those who are not i am suspecting that they cannot be substituted in case people have different hobbies which looks like a problem if u ask me …(as i get u do not included a full package of icons, do u?). Colors are not matching well, there is no real contrast and this very little relief. The global resume is too crammed, this is lacking of breathing, this is too compact, hard to read, and this fait to attract the attention globally and on most important data in particular for that matter . The spacing is not properly done right now and the space between footer and boots margin and header and upper margins are not the same, hence a misbalance feeling. Finally the preview is far from being attractive and i would like to draw your attention on the fact that this turns out to be interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyers in the other … so u need to do all what is takes so that previews loo as impressive as possible so that they are selling your work

Can you also tell me why this designs got hard rejected? Seriously these weird rejections makes people tired.

When you will create something else then 3 icons and some text on a blue background maybe you will be accepted.

Edited. No need to argue with an author :slight_smile:

That was a question to the community moderator

  1. You need to create a new topic (this is how the forum works). Positing over another author, for bit more attention, looks disrespectful.
  2. Typography and hierarchy sounds fancy when you don’t know how it works.
  3. When you remove those images (because you don’t have the rights to sell them) there is no graphic design left.

That’s not a web UI design. It’s just a flyer. also there is a thing called “minimalist” design. have you ever heard about it :slight_smile:

I edited my messages. We are all here to design something good. best of luck mate