Rejected - Logo Reveal

Hi there!

Any feedback will be appreciated!
I just started this particular audio logo niche, I know I need to improve so any tips will be taken into consideration.

Thank you guys!

IMHO - I am not a reviewer so my comments do not matter.

Arrangement does not make this logo unique.
Mixing is not good enough for commercial purposes.
Sounds used are not good enough.
LO end will not get heard on small speakers - think very carefully about how you use sub-bass frequencies.
Standard for logo production needs to be steller, listen only to top selling logos but do not copy them - they are top selling for a reason.


Thank you sou much @gballx , it really helps.

Qquick questions in general:

  1. Does AudioJungle limit its tracks automatically? After approval.
  2. What would be a standard LUFS for Audiojungle, analyzing some tracks I found tracks that are way too hot for a standard (around -7 -8 LUFS).

Iā€™m asking this in order to understand if limiting could also be a rejection possibility.

Limiting is not a reason for rejection unless the track is overcooked and sounds distorted. Some authors on AJ like to bake their tracks for so long that they overdo the limiting. Loud sounds better yes - or not! Use your ears. Do not pay attention to numbers, experience will tell you if it is done. Some authors here use plugins but they do not know what they are doing or do not know how to use them - they saw some guy on a YouTube video and now they are mastering engineers - it takes years of learning and gaining experience right?

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Thank you my friend!!