Hard reject Logo Audio Jungle.

Good morning to every one. I’ve received a hard rejection for my “industrial logo”.
It’s in industrial style, with little bit of aggressive sound and synth, something that could remember machines, e some industrial noises.

Here the file to listen for you:

Could you give me a feedback for a possibile reason?
I’ve received the same copy&paste message “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard…” but this message is generic.

Ok, it’s not the production of the year, i know, but i’ve listen other AJ logos, and some are more simple than my, with (IMHO!) less impressive sounds, or less RMS levels. (always in my humble opinion!).

Thanks for your time to listen e give some feedback.
Best regards, Davide.

Hi, I’m struggling with same issues being rejected, don’t give up!
First, your track has good ideas. Two things i would recommend is your snare on the mix seem loud in reference with the rest. Also i don’t quite get the groove, neither the form of the song, sounds like an intro, which gets my attention, but then finished, maybe another section?
Hope this helps, keep it up!

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First of all, thank you for your time that you have dedicated to answering. Thank you.
Of course, I dont want stop for now! In fact, I’m also trying to better implement my setup and “skills” to improve! I really like the Envato community, only at times it is difficult to understand what works and what does not. Sometimes the idea does not go, sometimes the sounds or the mix / mastering. Other times, unexpectedly, it works! And you sell things you would not have thought of! Anyway, I will also try to follow your advice. I will reopen that project and see how to make changes! Thank you, David!

hello davide, my name is franco. I’d like to make you a question if you dont mind. I am new here, and i had one audio logo rejected too. I wonder how you managed your mastering process of your logos. In my case the logo wasnt to commercial, so i get it. My question is what is your settings in LUFS, true peak, dinamic range should i go for? thanks you!

Hello Franco. I’m sorry for your logo but … it happens! Do not worry. I think it happened to everyone. In the end I’ve revisited that logo and done differently and it worked! As for RMS or LUFS, I do not have a precise aim. I usually refer to other tracks (or logos) already present here in audio jungle. I try to get equal to them or very close. Also because really, if we talk about measures, there is no standard here (IMHO). (not as it could be on television or radio or Youtube for example.) I hope it helps you! And hold on for your job! Greetings!

My humble advice: try to make a “LOGO” under the finished video. They are essentially all the same type.
Just download the video you like and make an “arrangement” for it.

So you can understand the “concept” faster. Good luck.


Hi! I’m not great doing logos but I’ll try to help… :slight_smile:
I think there’s a nice idea here! as you said… your music transmits aggressivity… it’s strong and big. Maybe I would put some more variation in sounds… and close better … for example… reversed sound and crash to finish well?
good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your responde!!! Good luck!!!

That snare doesn’t fit in, also some strange transitions, it’s like there is gotta be something more into it. I feel the idea, I think you are close. But, don’t relay only on my opinion.

Thank you for your opinion. This post is old, and the logo…has already changed and… sold! Thanks anyway for your comment!

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