First hard rejection help

Hi guys. I’ve never done this before but I thought I’d give it a try. And I thought I’d start with something “easy” like a short logo. Now, maybe it’s complete crap, but I don’t know what is wrong and have no way of learning other than your input. So if any of you care to listen to my file and give me some directions I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks to all!


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good idea of logo , but you need to replace some sounds , they too stand out from the picture !

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I think @WildLion_Production has a point , but don’t tink mouch about your rejections @aritosteles , just keep on working on new material , and everything will be cool , you can post that logo on some other stock market …


Thank you very much for your input. I know I learned a lot by posting images in some other sites. There were so many things I did not see. Now I have everything to learn about music. I’m glad to hear that overall the idea is not bad. Now about those sounds, what should I do? Change them how? Less bright, less loud, get a whole new sound instead…

Thanks again for your replies!

You have to understand one thing… The process of admission or rejection at audio jungle is completely subjective. they really don’t seem to have any concrete subjective criteria other than Is this something we can sell… or “do i like this track” I hade one really wonky funky vintage track admitted and had 4 sales in the first day… then i send then 5 more or less same quality things all hard rejects… I truly believe that it has nothing to do with quality so don’t break your head over it. it’s just a matter of does the particular reviewer like your track or not… that’s it!. I have heard real subpar productions here and know of some great tracks that where hard rejected. also they should replace the word quality with taste, cause that’s all it is… also there are dozens of different reviewers, so you just need to e in luck… if you catch the right one you’ll be admitted if not boom hard reject… actually I would advice to retry the same track in like a month or so… but with a different name… see what happens… I wouldn’t be surprised that someone else will like it and accepts it… don’t let a hard rejection bring you down and just keep trying!