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Hello fellows!
Just started to share music through Envato, and my first item was rejected.
Is there are any thoughts why? Or such kind of industrial music is just not suitable at all for Envato?


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Nice track! I don’t see why wouldn’t be a good fit for AJ. maybe the mix? Maybe try add a second section to the music to develop the form a bit more?
Best luck!

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Thanks for feedback! Really appreciate it!
This is short version, variant A is about 2 minutes with two build ups and breakdown.

Pretty cool!

However, what stands out for me are the dry toms at the end with a very weak end cymbal.
Make it EPIC man, make it stand out… wetter, bigger, double them with bass drops, low drums, steel hits, whatever… just make it sound fatter.
Also the guitar sounds very mono-ish… it would be much nicer with a nice wider sound completing the track.

AJ accepts industrial… i think it has more to do with the mix and lack of balls. (sorry, i have no better way of saying this) :wink:

Good luck mate!

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Robert, thanks for the feedback, you turned my perspective at the track from the other side. I’ll work on the luster :slight_smile:

full track is sounds like this:


:grinning: approved! after better mixing


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