Rejection. Help please

Hi Guys!
Give me feedback please!
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” What does it mean? Mixing, mastering or something else?

The sounds are too loud, limiter works hard on them and makes them kind of distorted. Make a gentle mix. Watch out for too loud 200-400 Hz frequency areas that muddy the mix and the high volume of sounds. This is a great track that could be approved if the mix was good. Good work!

Thank you so much!
But LUFS meter displays around -11db like most tracks in Audiojungle.
I will work out muddiness. Thanks again and sorry for my bad English

I don’t mean you over-exceed the LUFS limit, I mean the channels are too loud for the limiter to handle and feels very problematic. Make lower volumes in channels

I understand now. Thank you so much again